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How to display confidence when presenting to others

How to display confidence when presenting to others?

By Tiffany0 comments
How to display confidence when presenting to others?   Hello Earl, As a student, presentations are a very common occurrence.   The ability to present well to a large audience is crucial, but ...AnswerHello Tiffany,   Thank you for your question!   Confidence comes from practice and knowing your material backwards.  Think of yourself as a actor how you move on stage , your pace of speech ...Read more...
How to engage the audience

How to engage the audience?

By Tiffany4 comments
How to engage the audience?   Hello Earl,   I’ve noticed that one of the most difficult tasks is keeping the audience engaged during a presentation.   While I may have interesting ...AnswerHello Tiffany,   Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me with your question.    In terms of finding and using different ways to engage your audience, there are different options ...Read more...
Presentation Skills Workshop Toronto

Presentation Skills Workshop Toronto

186.jpgBy MaRia8 comments
    Presentation Skills Workshop Toronto   Hello Earl,   I came across your website and am interested in the Presentation skills workshop in Toronto. I am very afraid of public speaking ...AnswerHi there,   Thank you for your question.   Vocal Power offers one-on-one coaching and group coaching in Toronto and the surround area.    I would recommend the group coaching even ...Read more...
How Do I stop Saying Um in Public Speaking

How Do I stop Saying "Um" in Public Speaking

By Vocal Power5 comments
How Do I Stop Saying "um" in Public Speaking?   Vocal Power - Toronto based Public Speaking Training   Looking for a way to get rid of those "ums" and "uhs" when you're speaking for good?    Vocal Power's Earl Sky offers presentation skills training and workshops ...Read more...
On Site Public Speaking Training Toronto

On Site Public Speaking Training Toronto

By Vocal Power8 comments
 On Site Public Speaking Training Toronto   Does Vocal Power offer the option of on-site training in the Toronto area? AnswerYes, I can come to your office for private training and workshops.   We have found that it is often best for private (one-on-one) training to be done in a meeting room versus the person’s office ...Read more...

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