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Diction exercises for Public Speaking

By Vocal Power
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Diction Exercises for Public Speaking 
Learning how to properly use the art of diction in public speaking is just as important as knowing how to engage your audience.
View the following video and listen to some of Earl's tips and diction exercises that you can practice on your own time to improve your presentation skills and gain confidence in public speaking.
"Hi there and welcome to Vocal Power, I'm Earl Sky.
Today i wanna talk to you about diction. Diction is key when you're public speaking.
Be it on the phone, to a small group or a large group you have to be able to be heard clearly and crisply. 
Let's practice some diction exercises.
Diction exercises for public speaking
It's not singin' ,eatenin, walkin or talkin.
It's walking, talking eating, singing.
Practice diction and you become a better speaker.
Until next week I'm Earl Sky"
Was this video tutorial helpful to you?
It is as easy as taking the time to practice at home and develop your public speaking skills. Try this diction exercise at home and practice your public speaking!
Are you interested in more video tutorials and tips?
Earl offers other tips and tricks to help you master your presentation skills, as well as a 6 part video tutorial series.
Earl also offers public speaking and presentation skills training in the GTA and surrounding area.He has helped many individuals through his knowledge of public speaking, from those with presentation anxiety, to those looking to be more confident when they're presenting.
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Register Today to develop your public speaking skills and make sure to view all the other resources available at the Vocal Power Website! 
Level 3 (XP: 750)
Vocal Power is currently offering a FREE voice analysis to all those who inquire about public speaking courses.
Level 6 (XP: 2400)
last year
Great tips! Thank you!
Level 3 (XP: 750)
Ask about Vocal Powers 6 part video tutorial series!
Level 3 (XP: 750)
Remember to also visit the Vocal Power website for more helpful public speaking resources as well as details about the courses available
Level 3 (XP: 1000)
last year
i was looking all over for a good diction exercise to try. i really want to work on improving my public speaking skills
Level 11 (XP: 5350)
Awesome advice, thank you Earl for offering these tips and different kinds of exercises. Offering these exercises to those wanting to learn more about perfecting their public speaking skills is amazing, so many people can benefit from this!
Level 4 (XP: 1450)
last year
This is one of my favourite video tutorials! I love Earl's teaching style, it's easy to follow and easy to learn
Vocal Power
last year
Thank you for the positive feedback everyone.
Level 6 (XP: 2350)
last year
Great tips, simple and easy to do.

Didn't realize how something so simple has such an important impact.

We tend to form bad habits over the years and don't realize until a professional points it out.

Thanks for the tips Mr, Sky!
Level 3 (XP: 900)
last year
These tips will really help me, thanks.

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3 member reviews
    Thank you so much for helping me with my presentation anxiety!
    Very helpful site! Thanks Earl for helping others through public speaking workshops and information
    I always visit the Vocal Power website for public speaking tips and advice! Thanks Earl!

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