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Does Vocal Power help with Accents and Lisps?

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Does Vocal Power help with Accents and Lisps?
Accents and Lisps
Does vocal power help with accents and lisps?


By Vocal Power
Hello Lily,
Thank you for your question!

I'm not a speech therapist so I can't help with a lisp. When It comes to accents I can help you reduce your accent.


But don't lose your accent because it makes you unique and you standout from the crowd.

If you are interested in learning more about the options available to you, consider looking into the Personal Coaching programs.
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I agree, with Earl no need to chnge something like that about yourself. It makes you unique

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    Thank you so much for helping me with my presentation anxiety!
    Very helpful site! Thanks Earl for helping others through public speaking workshops and information
    I always visit the Vocal Power website for public speaking tips and advice! Thanks Earl!

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