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How to overcome my fear of public speaking

By Joel
How to overcome my fear of public speaking
How to Overcome my fear of Public Speaking?
Hello Earl,
Maybe you can help me. I am speaking at a company event next week and have never spoken in front of an audience.
I'm finding as I get closer to the event, I am getting more stressed and have some anxiety. You could say, I have a fear of public speaking.
Do you have a couple of tips you can provide to help overcome my fear of public speaking?
Thank you for your help.


By Vocal Power
Hello Joel,
Thank you for your question.
Tips on overcoming the fear of public speaking is something I get asked often.
Here are some of the tips I tell people to try:
1. Know your material, don't memorize it, learn it.
2. Work from a bullet point outline.
3. Get to your event early and practice your speech in the room.
4. Meet a few people in the front row, that way, come presentation time you will not be speaking to a room full of strangers.
5. Speak to one person at a time. 5 seconds each in the front row until you're more comfortable.
I hope these tips on losing your fear of public speaking has been helpful you.
I also have video tutorials full of tips and pointers on my Youtube channel, feel free to have a look.
More information and additional resources to learn about public speaking and losing your fear of public speaking can be found on the Vocal Power Website.
Vocal Power
Level 4 (XP: 1200)
5 years ago
Ask about the video tutorial series offered by Vocal Power, this unique program offers advice, tips and exercises that can help those with their fear of public speaking.
Level 4 (XP: 1200)
5 years ago
Remember to visit the Vocal Power website for more helpful tips to overcome the fear of public speaking, or for more information about our unique courses catered to those with presentation anxiety
Level 4 (XP: 1050)
5 years ago
another piece of solid advice. thanks for sharing
Vocal Power
5 years ago
Thank you for call the positive feedback everyone!
Level 4 (XP: 1450)
5 years ago
I cannot stand having to speak in front of people it scares me so much! thanks for the helpful tips
Level 3 (XP: 800)
5 years ago
Thanks, I was always afraid of speaking in public, now I think I can.
Level 2 (XP: 450)
I never would've thought of some of these tips on my own. They're great. Especially number 4. Good idea.
Level 6 (XP: 2450)
5 years ago
Thank you Earl,

This will really help with dealing with my fear of public speaking.

Thank you for the information.
Level 7 (XP: 2750)
5 years ago
Excellent tips! Thanks!
Reply by Vocal Power
5 years ago
You're Welcome, glad to know this was helpful

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3 member reviews
    Thank you so much for helping me with my presentation anxiety!
    Very helpful site! Thanks Earl for helping others through public speaking workshops and information
    I always visit the Vocal Power website for public speaking tips and advice! Thanks Earl!

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