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Preparing for an Oral Presentation

By Vocal Power
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Preparing for an Oral Presentation
For many, having the courage and confidence to stand in front of an audience and do an oral presentation comes naturally, but for others it can seem daunting and terrifying. Preparation is key when it comes to any kind of oral presentation, no matter the skill or confidence level.
Public speaking and presentation skills can be developed if time is dedicated to practice and preparation. 
Vocal Power's Earl Sky, specializes in offering presentation skills training and public speaking courses to those seeking to develop better presentation skills.
Vocal Power also offers video tutorials and tips that anyone can practice at home. The above video outlines key tips that can be used when preparing for an oral presentation.
"Hi there and welcome to vocal power

I'm Eark Sky and today I wanna talk to you about what you should do 24 hours before you have to give a presentation.
Obviously learn your speech. 
1. Never memorize it but I will say this:memorize the opening and closing of your speech because you don't want to be looking at your notes right off the get-go. it doesn't leave a real good impression with the audience. it doesn't show your confidence and your authority. 
So learn your speech but don't over practice it.
2. Let's talk about your look
Make sure you don't have any spots on your pants are on your blouses or skirts. Polish your shoes, 
a nice shiny pair shoes does wonders, it really does.
Also, don't drink any alcohol or caffeine related products before your presentation they will dry out your throat. If you're thirsty always drink water.
So the key is if you feel good, you look good
You're polished and practiced and ready to go you leave the right impression with the audience every time you have to speak
For more information about vocal powers upcoming sessions and workshops in the GTA
There's also a lot of video you can stream in help you improve your public speaking skills
till next time good speaking I'm Earl sky"
Did you find the tips on preparing for an oral presentation helpful?
Are you interested in learning more about the other resources available to you through Vocal Power?
Feel free to register to one of Earl's Toronto based public speaking and presentation skills workshops! 
preparing for an oral presentation
More information can also be found on the Vocal Power website! 
Preparing for an Oral Presentation
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Ask about Vocal Power's video tutorial series
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Remember to visit the Vocal Power website for more help tips on delivering an oral presentation, as well as more information about the presentation skills training courses available
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last year
being prepared for something like an oral presentation is a must!
Vocal Power
last year
Thank you for your comment. Anyone can excel in public speaking, it's just a matter of practice.
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Excellent video and tips to help people better understand what to do before a presentation.

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3 member reviews
    Thank you so much for helping me with my presentation anxiety!
    Very helpful site! Thanks Earl for helping others through public speaking workshops and information
    I always visit the Vocal Power website for public speaking tips and advice! Thanks Earl!

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