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Public Speaking Skills for High School Students in Toronto

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Public Speaking Skills for High School Students in Toronto
Public Speaking Skills for High School Students in Toronto 
Having the option to learn a new skill, or take new courses is beneficial to anyone at any age. The ability to communicate ideas, information or knowledge to others is also very important, but often times having access to the right resources just isn't available. Many of the courses that students take in high school for instance, are focused around a variety of different topics - from the common English and mathematics courses to programs focusing on information technology and political studies. The majority of the time students are prompted to participate in class discussions and are also involved in presentations, but not many courses are offered to teach high school students proper public speaking and presentation skills.
Often times students are expected to just learn public speaking and presentation skills from what they can gather in their current mandatory courses, or if they join a debate team through extra-curricular programs. Very few high schools are currently offering public speaking courses as a staple in the school curriculum, but how amazing would it be if courses as important as public speaking or presentation skills were offered at the high school level? Allowing students to have the option of taking a public speaking course can help to better prepare them for all their other school courses, future job prospects, as well as teach them how to communicate effectively with others. Learning how to become a better public speaker also helps to boost confidence which is very important in adolescence. A confident student will go on to be a confident adult - ready to take on the challenges of post secondary education and the responsibilities of adult hood. 
public speaking skills for high school students in toronto
Even though public speaking and presentation skills courses are not yet that common within high schools, there are still options available. Parents looking to enroll their teens in public speaking courses or students looking for a way to broaden their knowledge of effective communication skills can easily apply to local workshops and programs.
These Toronto based workshops and courses are ideal for those looking to improve or add on to their current skills.
Some of the learning outcomes from these public speaking courses include the following:
  • Lose the fear of public speaking through relaxation and confidence 
  • Develop your voice as an instrument of persuasion and speech personality
  • Use eye contact and body language for maximum impact 
  • improve breathing, diction and vocal tone
  • build rapport with the audience
  • Add lib with confidence
  • Plan, build and deliver speeches 
Interested in learning more about the public speaking and presentation skills programs available to high school students?
Earl Sky of Vocal Power offers public speaking programs for youth, teens and adults at three convenient locations across Toronto and the GTA including Mississauga and Richmond Hill.
public speaking skills for high school students in toronto
Earl Sky's workshops and courses focus specifically on the development of proper communication, public speaking and presentation skills. Students are taught the importance of proper delivery and Earl focuses on the individual needs of each student (presentation anxiety). Those who experience more anxiety can benefit from smaller classes. 
Contact Earl Sky of Vocal Power today to learn more about all the benefits of public speaking courses and how they can be applied to many aspects of day to day life!
public speaking skills for highschool students in toronto
public speaking skills for high school students
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Thank you for input everyone
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I totally agree, there should be more courses like public speaking available for the younger kids in highschool. I did not have access to these kinds of courses when i was in highschool and I now work in a field where i am frequently presenting in front of larger groups of people. Now i need to seek out training and courses later on in life when i could've been learning years ago, ah well, good read though
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Thank you for your comment
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last year
excellent! thank you for sharing
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    Thank you so much for helping me with my presentation anxiety!
    Very helpful site! Thanks Earl for helping others through public speaking workshops and information
    I always visit the Vocal Power website for public speaking tips and advice! Thanks Earl!

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