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Voice Projection Training Toronto

By Vocal Power
Voice Projection Training Toronto with Vocal Power
Looking for training courses focused on voice projection in the Toronto area?
Vocal Power's Earl Sky offers both coaching and training in public speaking. Through his workshops and training programs anyone can become a better speaker.
Become a more confident speaker through training programs designed to develop the following skills:
- becoming a more passionate and confident speaker
- growing and developing your vocal brand
- improving your presentation and public speaking skills as a whole
- learning how to better use body language as a powerful tool during a speech or presentation
- improve the quality and projection strength in your voice
- improve and develop your professional phone skills
- improve your interview skills
- learn to deliver a unique wedding speech
- pacing your speech and much more.
Earl offers public speaking training and workshops in Toronto and the surrounding area.
Or Register today to become a more confident speaker! 
Voice projection training toronto
Voice Projection Tips
Need some voice projection tips now?
Check out the video done by Vocal Power's Earl Sky, here he offers some valuable tips about voice projection and how to do it properly so everyone can hear you. 
"Hi there, Welcome to Vocal Power. I'm Earl Sky.
Today I want to talk about projection. 
How can people hear you at the back of the room?
Well the key is proper breathing. Most of us breathe from our chest area, the proper way to breathe is from your diaphragm.
Your diaphragm is the muscle in-between your belly button and the bottom of your ribcage. 
Voice Projection Exercises
Exercise 1
1. Put your Hand in front of your mouth.
2. Say "Good Afternoon" breathing normally
3. Feel the air on your hand as you say 'Good Afternoon"
4. Next Put your hand on your diaphragm.
5. Take a breath in through your nose, now say "Good Afternoon" 
Do you feel the increase in air flow? That's because you are breathing properly. 
If you breathe through your diaphragm people will hear you in the back of the room, they'll hear you better on the phone.
Exercise 2
Here's another great exercise you can practice to help you increase the power from the diaphragm. 
1. Grab a couple of books.
2. Lay them on the diaphragm area.
3. Take a breath in through your nose.
4. Slowly release it through your mouth
5. Watch the books rise and fall.
The key is to control your breath, so when you need it you can call on it. 
That's Vocal Power for this week. 
Until next time, Good Speaking. I'm Earl Sky" 
Were these voice projection exercises and tips helpful?
Interested in more tutorials from Vocal Power? 
Remember to also visit the Vocal Power on-line for more information on presentation skills training and public speaking workshops.
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Level 4 (XP: 1200)
4 years ago
Learn more about the voice projection training options currently available in your area
Level 4 (XP: 1200)
4 years ago
remember to visit the Vocal Power website for more information about the courses available which can help you develop your voice projection skills
Level 4 (XP: 1050)
4 years ago
awesome info, thank you so much for sharing
Vocal Power
5 years ago
Thank you for your comments!
Level 6 (XP: 2400)
5 years ago
I know!!!! So many choices in the city of Toronto, I really love these videos. They have helped me and I'm even considering booking something with Earl.
Level 7 (XP: 2750)
5 years ago
Public speaking workshops are many in the Toronto area, but I really enjoyed this quick video that offered valuable tips on projecting ones voice. So I am most definitely interested in the public speaking workshops that Earl and Vocal Power have to offer. :)

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    Thank you so much for helping me with my presentation anxiety!
    Very helpful site! Thanks Earl for helping others through public speaking workshops and information
    I always visit the Vocal Power website for public speaking tips and advice! Thanks Earl!

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