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Teen Programs

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Earl at what age should I start thinking about getting my kids involved in public speaking?  ThanksJenToronto HI Jen building your children's confidence is key in what ever they get involved with .I would say 8- 9 is a good time to get them started in some training. In ...Read more...

Public speaking for technical presenations

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Hello, I work in the science and technology sector and have am having some public speaking issues. When talking to potential funders or clients I find myself over explaining and/or rambling. I’m looking for a way to sounds more grounded and relatable and to be able to sell myself ...Read more...

Business Speaking Courses Toronto

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I have enrolled in business speaking courses in the past with limited success. What makes the programs you offer different to the cookie cutter classes that are all over the internet?   Jane M Toronto As some one you has been using his voice for over 40 years to earn a living ...Read more...

Public Speaking for Sales

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Hey there, I do a lot of meetings and public speaking as part of my job in sales. Yet, I feel like I am still a step away from being the truly great public speaker that can inspire action and ideas. What methods would you put in place for an individual that speaks well publicly but ...Read more...

Communicating Persuasive Ideas

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P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } I feel like I don’t really have a speaking problem as much as I have a confidence problem. When I’m in front of people I know, I have no problem communicating persuasive ideas. But, when the pressure is on in front of an audience, I don’t ...Read more...
How to display confidence when presenting to others

How to display confidence when presenting to others?

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How to display confidence when presenting to others?   Hello Earl, As a student, presentations are a very common occurrence.   The ability to present well to a large audience is crucial, but ...AnswerHello Tiffany,   Thank you for your question!   Confidence comes from practice and knowing your material backwards.  Think of yourself as a actor how you move on stage , your pace of speech ...Read more...
Public Speaking Tips for Teachers

Public Speaking Tips for Teachers

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Public Speaking Tips for Teachers   Hi Earl, Thank you for responding to my question about the public speaking courses available for teachers! I will definitely look into the private lessons.   I ...AnswerHi again Ms. Campbell,   I'm glad you found the response helpful.   In terms of tips I would say that the most important thing is not to bore the kids. Keep them interested!   When speaking ...Read more...

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